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Setting up product flashes


To create a new flash for the first time

  1. From the Product Details menu, click Flashes. The Flashes form appears.
  2. Complete the fields described in the table below.
  3. If you have created more than one flash, make sure you choose the default one for new items.
  4. Click Save Flashes.

These fields are required *

Name * Type a name for the flash. For example, 'New', 'Just arrived', and so on. 
Code Type a code for the flash. 
Image 1 Use the Upload or select image 1 link to add a image for the flash.
 Image 2 Use the Upload or select image 2 link to add a second image for the flash.
Auto unset after 

If you want the flash to appear to customers in your product catalog for a specified period of time, choose the timescale after which the flash will no and no longer be visible.

Position Choose the position the flash will appear in the list. You can use this to change the display order of flashes against items in the catalog.
Default flash (for new items) If you have more than one flash set up, choose the one which will be the default when you create new items in your online catalog.

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