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Setting up quantity price breaks

You can set up quantity price breaks for products in your online store. Discounted prices then apply depending on the quantity of an item bought by the customer.

You assign quantity price breaks to products, but you can have only one price break per item.

To create a quantity price break

  1. On the Product Details menu, click Quantity Price Breaks. The Manage Quantity Price Breaks form appears.
  2. Click Add new quantity price break. The Add Quantity Price Break form appears.
  3. In Name, type a name for the price break that helps explain what it offers.
  4. If you want to restrict quantity price breaks to be inside the range specified for ordered quantities, set the option shown.
  5. Click Add Quantity Price Break. The new record will appear in the list for the Manage Quantity Price Breaks form.
  6. Click the name of the quantity price break to complete the remaining details, then click either the Modify or Modify and return here button.

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