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Managing the file library

You can maintain a library of files that you use with your online catalog. These can be style sheets, scripts, documents, applications, and so on. You can upload files as you need, but once a file is stored in the library, you can select it for use on the website without having to upload it again.

To view or maintain the file library

  1. On the Product Details menu, click File Library.
  2. To upload a new file to the libary, click Upload new file.
  3. To add a folder to the library, click Add Folder.
  4. To review the disk space available, click Disk Quota.

Tip: You can also use the View File Library and Upload file quick links on the catalog360 Dashboard.

Existing files are listed. You can choose to show properties and assignments and images using the options provided.

You can scroll through the list using the 'Previous', 'Start', 'End' and 'Next' links at the top of the form, or you can skip to a list according to the first letter of the name using the alphabet letters.

If you want to search for a file, type into the search box provided, which supports wildcard characters, such as *.GIF).

Clicking the name of a file shows the file or it's contents according to the file type.

Clicking view under the Properties column for a file will show the language, keywords, captions and group access options for the image.

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