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Managing packaging weights

You can set up a table of packaging weights that are used with shipping services to calculate the shipping rate. For a given weight threshold, you choose whether to add a weight for packaging materials in grams or as a percentage. The total weight of items for an order is then used to calculate the packaging material weight which is added before the shipping rate and cost is added to the order.

To set up a table of packaging weights

  1. On the Product Details menu, click Shipping Rates. The Shipping Rates form appears.
  2. Click manage Packaging Weights. The Manage packaging Weights form appears.
  3. In Order Weight Up to gms, enter the total weight, in grams, of items in an order that sets the threshold of the corresponding packaging material weight.
  4. In Add-on Weight gms, enter the add-on weight, in grams, of the packaging material for the order weight threshold.
  5. In Add-on % to Weight, enter the percentage of weight to be added to the order weight to account for packaging materials.
  6. Click Update.

Note: You can add both a set weight and a percentage weight to an order weight threshold if you want.

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