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Setting up links to external catalogs

You can expand the items available on offer to customers by linking to external catalogs from other suppliers.

To add an external catalog

  1. On the Product Details menu, click External Catalogs. The External Catalogs form appears.
  2. Click Add new External Catalog. The Add External Catalog form appears.
  3. In Name, type a name to identify the external catalog.
  4. In Supplier, choose the supplier from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Add External Catalog and Continue.
  6. Complete the details described in the table below.
  7. Click either Modify the External Catalog or Modify the External Catalog and return here button.

 These fields are required *

Name * This is the name you gave to external catalog when you added it. You can change it here,  
Description  Type a description for the external catalog.  
Search Keywords Enter one or more keywords that will help locate the catalog in searches. Separate keywords with commas. 
Enabled? Set this option to make the catalog active. If you clear this option, the external catalog will not be visible through the online shop.
Currency Choose the currency that applies to the catalog.
Image 1 Click select image to upload or select an image to be associated with the catalog, such as a logo.
Image 2 Click select image to upload or select a second image to be associated with the catalog.
Type Choose the type of catalog from the drop-down list.
Catalog End Point / URL Enter the catalog end point or URL.
From Type Enter the from type for the catalog.
From Id Enter the from ID for the catalog.
Password Type the password needed for access to the catalog.
To Type Enter the to type for the catalog.
To Id Enter the to Id for the catalog. 
Open in New Window Set this option if you want the external catalog to be displayed in a separate window.
Can Inspect? Set this option if you want to make it possible for a customer to inspect the catalog.
Can Search Transparently? Set this option if you want to make it possible for a customer to search the external catalog transparently.




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