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Adding a new made-to-order option item

  1. On the Product Details menu, click Made-To-Order Options. The Manage Made-To-Order Option Item form appears.
  2. Click Add new Made-To-Order Option Item.
  3. Complete the details shown in the table below.

These fields are required *

Manufacturer Choose a manufacturer from the list. 
Code Type the manufacturer's code for the item if this is different to the code you use for the same item.
Code Type a unique code for the item. This might be a part number, catalog number or bar code, for example.
Title * Type a name or title for the item. This is the title your customers will see when viewing a list of products, so make it succinct and meaningful.
Price GBP * Enter the item unit price in your home currency.
Description Click Open Editor to type the product description.
Other common attributes You can add custom attributes to an item record. If these exist, they'll be available to complete in this section of the item record.
Keywords Keywords help your customers find products when they use the search facility. Type keywords that identify the item, separating each one with a comma.
Quantity Enter the quantity of the item that will appear when the customer sees the item listed.
Flash Choose a flash from the list. If you can't find the one you want, click Manage Flashes to add a new one. Flashes help bring attention to an item, for example, to highlight a new product or a promotion. 
Display Clear this option if you want the item to remain in your database but be hidden from view when your customers look for products. Hiding an item using this option will ignore the date fields below.
Date/Times If you want the item to appear to customers in your product catalog for a specified period of time, enter the dates and times the item will be visible. Beyond the end date and time, the item will remain in the database but be hidden from view when your customers look for products.
Order Position Use this to control the order in which the item will appear within the category if you don't want items sorted in alphabetical order. The order in which items will be sorted will then be based on the order position selected for the item.
Language Choose the language that applies for this item. Different products can be displayed to customers according to language settings. So if you want this item to appear only for a specific language, choose the language here. Otherwise, select 'Neutral'.
Item Type

Choose the item type from the list. This can be one of the following:

  • Normal and Made-To-Order Option
  • Bundle
  • Component (Not Sold Separately)
  • Made-To-Order Option (Not Sold Separately)
  • One-Off (Non-Catalog)
Transaction Type

Choose one of the following:

  • Sale
  • Rental
  • Service
  • Insurance


Tax Group

Choose one of the following:

  • E - Exempt
  • S - Standard Rate
  • Z - Zero Rated
Item Categories

You can associate the item with up to five different categories. Choose the category from the list.

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