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Changing and adding contact attributes

You can control some of the information that is maintained for a contact record in catalog360. Using the Attributes option, you can set certain field details as you want, add new fields and change the order they appear in a contact record.

To set contact attributes

  1. On the Contact & Emails menu, click Attributes.
  2. Edit the details a shown in the table below.
  3. If you want a field to be removed from the contact record, click the Delete link alongside.

Note that some default fields cannot be edited.

ID  This is the sequential ID of the field. you can't change this. 
Position Choose the number that determines the position the field appears in a contact record. 
Name Type the name you want to give the field.
Description Type a description for the field.

Choose the data type for the field. This will be one of the following:

  • Text
  • Integer
  • Double
  • Date/Time
  • Boolean
  • Choice
Min Length 

Enter the number of characters that represents the minimum length of the field. 

Max Length

Enter the number of characters that represents the maximum length of the field. 


Enter any data that relates to the field. This will depend on the field type.


Set this option if the field is a mandatory requirement for a contact record. 

Fixed Set this option if the field is fixed.
Show in Contacts Listings Set this option if the field is viewable in a contacts list.
Related to only View Choose whether this field is related only to a view.
Relates to table This shows the table for the database holding the contact details.
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