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Viewing a list of purchase invoices

Use the Purchase Invoices option on the Purchasing menu to view lists and details of purchase invoices created through catalog360.

You can search for a specific invoice by entering an invoice number, amount or supplier in the box provided and then clicking the Search Purchase Invoices button.

The form shows the date range for the purchase invoices in the list. You can change the date range in the boxes provided. If you want to list purchase invoices by status, click to choose from the drop-down list box. To update the list, click the Refresh button.

The list of purchase invoices includes the following information:

Created The date the purchase invoice was created.
Invoice No.  The purchase invoice number. You can click this field to display the purchase invoice detail.
Tax Point The tax point date for the purchase invoice.
Supplier The name of the supplier associated with the purchase invoice.

The current status of the purchase order. This will be one of the following:

  • New
  • Received
  • On Hold
  • Accepted
  • To Be Approved
  • Approved
  • Paid
  • Rejected
  • Cancelled
Payment Priority

The priority level for payment of this purchase invoice. 


The date of receipt of the purchase invoice. 


The number of item lines included in the purchase invoice. 


The total value of the purchase invoice. 

PO No. The purchase order number linked to the purchase invoice. You can click on this field to display the purchase order detail.
PO Amount The total value of the purchase order.


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