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Viewing the site user audit trail

The site user audit trail shows the logins by users on the circle360 website. The audit trail shows the action, the user name and IP address and the date and time of the action.

To view the audit trail

  1. On the Security menu, click Site User Audit Trail.
  2. If you want to show a different number of entries on one page, choose the number of pages in the drop-down list alongside View and then click Go.

The IP address is the unique internet address of the computer accessing your administration site. At the time listed, only that computer had the listed IP address. By searching the WHOIS directories at RIPE (Europe), ARIN (Americas) and APNIC (Asia-Pacific) it is possible to find out who operates a specified IP address. Often the operator will have a method for informing them of abuse, if you believe your account has been accessed unlawfully. This is normally an email address which is shown on the search result listing.

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