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What's on the Services/Billing tab on the home page?

This tab shows your current billing details for catalog360 services. It also lists any services to which you're subscribed, including the service, billing period, start and expiry dates.

If you want to change contact or address details associated with your billing record, click the link Change your bulling contact/address details.

The Billing Details form will appear and you can amend the details as shown in the table below.

These fields are required *

Contact Name * Type the name of the main contact for billing.

Company/organisation Name *

Type the name of your company or organisation.
Invoice Address * Type the details of the address we'll use to send invoices for catalog360 services.
Town/City * Type the name of the town or city.
County/State * Type the name of the county or state.
Postcode/Zip code * Type the postcode or Zip code.
Country * Type the name of the country.
Telephone * Enter the telephone number for the billing contact.
Email Address * Type the email address for the billing contact. We'll use this email address to send reminders for renewals of services.
VAT Registration Number  Enter your VAT or tax registration number.

When you've finished editing the details, click the Save button.

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