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Adding contact records

You can add contact records online - one-by-one - or import them from a file. Contacts are created online using the function on the Contact & Emails menu or through individual records, such as suppliers.

To add a contact record manually

To add a contact record

  1. On the Contact & Emails menu, click Contacts. The Add Contact form appears.
  2. Click Add Contact.
  3. Complete the fields described below.

Once the contact record is created, it's added to the list on the Contacts form. You can then return to edit an existing record by clicking on the ID, Last Name or First Name fields.

If you want to delete one or more contact records, click to select the record or records using the tick box to the left, and then click Delete Selected.

The following fields relate to a contact record. Some of these are fixed by the system, but you can change the titles and descriptions of some fields, add new ones and remove others. This means the titles and descriptions below might be different for your system and are for guidance only:

These fields are required *

First Name * Type the first name of the contact for the supplier. 
Last Name * 

Type the last name of the contact for the supplier.

Email Address *

Type the email address for this contact.

Telephone Enter the telephone number for this contact.
Mobile Enter the mobile telephone number for this contact.
Fax Enter the fax number for this contact.
Organisation Name Type the name of the organisation for this contact.
Department Type the name of the department for this address.
Address 1, 2 and 3 Use the boxes provided to type the contact street and locality address details.
City Type the name of the city or town for this address.
Area Type the name of the state or county for this address.
Post or ZIP code Enter the post or zip code for this address.
Country Type the country name for this address.
Add to Email Broadcast List Set this option if you want this contact to be added to a broadcast list that you use for sending multiple-recipient emails.

If you have finished making changes to the supplier contact record, you can save it by clicking the Add button. 

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