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Splitting a requisition

You can split a requisition into two. you do this by choosing a requisition and then selecting the quantities of the line items you want to make up the new requisition. The result is two requisition records. The original will have the line details reduced by the quantities you specify for the second one. If you choose the full quantity of a line item for the second requisition, that line will no longer appear in the original requisition.

To split a requisition

  1. On the Purchasing menu, click Requisitions. The Requisitions form appears.
  2. Use the filters or search facilities if you want to change the requisitions shown in the list, then click either the Updated Date or Ref. field of the requisition you want to copy. The detailed view of the requisition appears.
  3. On the menu bar, click Split. The line details from the original requisition will be displayed.
  4. In the Quantity column, choose the quantity of the line item you want to be in the new requisition.
  5. Click the Split Requisition button.


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