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What's on the catalog360 Dashboard?

The catalog360 Dashboard is on the administration portal home page. It includes some quick links to some of the main records and processes, and a summary of activities. 

The Current Status shows the size of the database and which version of catalog360 you are using.

Under Quick Links, you'll find a summary of records for different transactions and other data, with links to maintain or view key pieces of data. 

The table below shows what's included on the Dashboard.

Note that the links in the table below are to help topics, while on the Dashboard itself, the links take you to the admin or circle360 portal page for adding or viewing the relevant records.

Information and quick links Additional links
The total number of items and categories currently in the system. Add item and Add category
The number of requisitions.  
The number of orders.  
The number of quotations  
The number of enquiries  
The number of payments  
View Image Library Upload image
View File Library Upload file
The number of sections Add section
The number of menus Add menu
The number of forms Add form
The number of contacts Add contact
The number of email addresses  
The number of users Add user and Change my password


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