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Using standard reports in catalog360

Standard reports are predefined or 'fixed' reports that cannot be modified, but can be used to produce audit trails and listings for data records including transactions. You can also choose to copy a standard report, for example, if you want to create a new custom report based on one of the standard ones.

The standard reports include:

  • Audit entries for the past week
  • Buying accounts list
  • Carrier listing
  • Category listing
  • Contract status listing
  • Contracts ending this month
  • Manufacturer listing
  • Monthly purchase orders
  • Payment gateways.

For any of these reports, you can choose what action you want to create the report output from the Actions drop-down list. 

The actions available are:

  • Export to Excel (XLS)
  • Export to CSV (Text)
  • Export to Web Page (HTML)
  • Export to PDF
  • Email Report with XLS link
  • Email Report with CSV link
  • Email Report with Web Page link
  • Email Report with PDF link
  • URL for CSV data
  • URL for JSON data
  • URL for XML data



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