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Defining queries for use with report designs

You use queries with a report template to complete a custom report design. A query record is based on a database lookup of entities and columns in order to set the conditions for the display of data that is included in the report design.

For example, you might want to create a report of buying accounts where the buying account contract start date is within a given date or period. In this instance, you would add a condition to the query that set the relationship between the buying contract record and the start date. 

You can have many conditions for any one query and selected records can be set to fulfil all, any none or some of the conditions.

Once you have created a query, you can use the Run Query button to test the results.

If you need to reset the query to it's original settings, click the Reset Query button which will also clear the conditions.

To keep the query settings you've added or changes, click the Save Query button. 

Query Placeholders

The supported placeholders are:

{{fromdate}} Replaced with the beginning of the rolling date time window if the query is executed using a report schedule (UTC time zone). A new report schedule will have a default {{fromdate}} of 1900-01-01 00:00:00. Subsequent executions of the query will use the {{todate}} of the last completed run.
{{todate}} The current date time the query was executed (UTC time zone). 
{{userid}} The system internal user id of the user who ran the report or created the report schedule. Joins to the user_id dictionary attribute (


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