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Managing document handlers

Document handlers form part of the workflow for processes in catalog360. The define the rules that are applied to a document type, such as a requisition or invoice. Rules control what happens when a document is raised and can be combined to produce a particular outcome in the workflow. For example, an invoice document might include a rule that checks a value threshold that could trigger an approval process which is defined in an approval chain.

You can view and maintain document handlers for purchase invoices, credits and requisitions on the Document Handlers form. This form includes links to add new document handlers, rules, messages and approval chains.

For existing handlers, you can see the handler name and any associated rules. Clicking on the name opens the Modify Document Handler form. You can make changes to the handler including the assignment of rules.

If you click on the rule, the Modify Document Rule form appears and you can add or amend rules and groups of rules that can be linked to one or more handlers. 

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