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Inviting and making circle360 connections

The circle360 Connections page shows you details of existing connections. You can edit organisation details for any of these using the Edit Circle Profile link alongside.

You can also see connection invites according to their status, including those that are pending, rejected, failed or cancelled.

To create an invite to make a connection

  1. Click Circle Connections on the admin menu. The circle360 Connections form appears.
  2. Under Invites, click New Connection Invite.
  3. Complete the fields described below on the Contact Details tab.
  4. You can preview the invite using the Preview Invite tab.
  5. Click the Send Invite button. 

These fields are required *

Organisation Name * Type the name of the organisation or choose from existing records using the Select button.
Contact Name Type the contact's first and last names.
Email * Enter the contact's email address.
Address * Type the address of the organisation.
City/Town Type the name of the city or town for the organisation.
State/County Type the name of the state or county for the organisation.
Post Code Enter the zip or postcode for the organisation's address.
Country Choose the country for the organisation's address from the drop-down list.
Telephone Enter the telephone number for the organisation.
Website Enter the URL for the organisation's website.
Logo Image Type the path to the organisation's logo image file or use the Upload or select logo image link to upload a new image or choose one from the image library.
Company Registration No. Type the organisation's company registration number.
VAT Registration No. Type the organisation's VAT or tax registration number.
Engagement Campaign Name * Type the name of your engagement campaign. This is used for your own reporting purposes and is not show to the invitee.


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