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Using categories to find items for your request

Once you've signed into the catalog360 portal, the Home page includes icons that represent the different categories of items and services to choose from.

This will be tailored for your organisation. For example, if you're working in the health sector, you might see categories for medical supplies, clothing, appliances and so on.

To find an item or service for your requisition, you can click on one of the category icons.

Browsing items in a category

You'll then see a list of items for that category. For each item, you'll see a brief description or title and other details depending on how your system is set up. You might see a small image relating to the item. Their might be information about who supplies the item or service and prices according to the units of measure (such as pack quantity). 

If an item is 'on contract', the listing will show the contract code. You might also see the price saving you can make by buying the contract item, compared to buying outside of a contract. For that reason, you should always consider your contract items first.

If you want to add a item from the list to your request, make sure the quantity is what you want, then click the Add button.

Refining the list of items using filters

On the left of your list of items within the category, you'll find options that you can use to narrow the search to just those items that meet certain criteria. For example, you might choose items according to manufacturer or supplier, pack quantity or price range. You might also want to include items from other categories in the list.

To filter the list, click on the box alongside the filter option name under Refine by. The list is updated straight away. If you want to remove a filter, click the same box, or, if you've set more than one filter, use the Clear Filters link to remove them all at once.

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