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Searching for items and services for your request

You use the search box at the top of the screen if you want to search for items to add to your requisition.

The search facility starts working as soon as you start typing, showing any matches to the text you type. The more specific the text you type, the more specific the search results will be.

A drop-down list of matching items shows the top-ten matches first. Items that you've bought recently, that are marked as 'preferred' or 'on contract' tend to appear at the top of the list, as well as your 'favourites'.

Look out for money savings against contract items. The list will show you the amount you can save.

Favourite items are highlighted by a yellow star that appears on the left of the description.

If you want to extend the search beyond the first ten items, click the magnifying glass icon against the search. A complete list of matching items will then appear.

Refining the list of items using filters

When you are viewing a full list of search items, you'll find options on the left that you can use to narrow the search to just those items that meet certain criteria. For example, you might choose items for a particular manufacturer or supplier, or according to specification, such as size, material or colour. You might also want to include items from other categories in the list.

To filter the list, click on the box alongside the filter option name under Refine by. The list is updated straight away. If you want to remove a filter, click the same box, or, if you've set more than one filter, use the Clear Filters link to remove them all at once.

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