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Using the Refine by options to filter a search list

If there are lots of items listed in a category, or shown as a result of a search, you might want to refine what you see in the list. For example, you might want to see only those items from a specific supplier. You'll have a number of options available to refine the list, such as manufacturer, supplier, price range, pack quantity, and so on.

The options are listed under the Refine by column on the left of the page.

The options under Refine by will depend on the context. For example, they are likely to be more specific to item details or specifications when looking at the results of a text search. For example, you might be able to filter the list by size, colour, style or some other attribute. 

Choose the option boxes alongside the type of criterion you want to apply to this list. You don’t have to pick just one option; you can choose several. For example, you might want to filter the list of items shown to two or three suppliers, or a selection of different sizes.

When you've used the Refine by options to filter a list of items, you can return to a full list of items by using the Clear Filters link. This removes your selections from all option boxes. If you want to clear a specific option, choose the individual option box again to deselect it.

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