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Searching from the requisition lines

Once you’ve added at least one item to a requisition, you can add more items by using the search facility on the next item line’s Description box. This works in just the same way as the main Search box – it’s just that you can use it to find an item for the next line in the requisition.

You’ll need to be viewing the requisition in the ‘draft’ stage. You can only add more items to a draft requisition because you cannot add anything further once you’ve submitted it for approval.

As with the main search facility, the drop-down list of matching items will focus on items that are ‘on contract’; especially to show the savings you can make.
There are other ways you can add more items from within the draft requisition:

  • You can click the Recent button. This shows a list of items you’ve bought recently, so you can pick one for your new requisition.
  • You can click the Starred button. This shows a list of items that you’ve marked as ‘favourites’. 
  • You can click the Scan button if you have a bar code scanner to identify an item or a bar cod you can type in.
  • You can click the Import button. You’ve then got a choice between uploading a file of items, or just pasting a list of items into the Lines to Import box.



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