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Creating and processing requisitions

You can use the Requests feature of your catalog360 Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Portal to create a requisition for items or services or you can create one from the Home page. Creating a requisition is the start point for placing a purchase order for goods or services that your organisation needs. A requisition document contains the details of the items and services you want, including quantities, prices and shipping and billing address details.

When a completed requisition is submitted, it is sent to the approver or approvers, who will check it before it becomes a firm order.

When you first create a requisition, before you submit it for approval, it is known as a draft request. You can change the content of the request, adding more items or amending the lines it already contains. You can add messages to your approvers or suppliers and check and amend shipping and billing address details.

Once you’re happy that the requisition is complete and accurate, you submit it and its status changes to pending approval.

The process of approving a requisition will depend on how catalog360 has been configured to suit your organisation’s approval process. There might be one or many individuals involved in the approval chain; perhaps checking for different criteria, such as the type of item, total values or amounts, contractual requirements, and so on.

When a requisition is fully approved, it progresses to a purchase order sent to the appropriate supplier or suppliers.

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As well as the links to more requisition topics below, you can also find tutorial videos at our catalog360 online learning centre here:

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