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Viewing requisitions

When you are logged on to the catalog360 Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Portal, you can use the Requests feature to view the details of requisitions you’ve already started or submitted.

You can choose to view the current draft you have in progress by selecting the Current Draft option. This is the same as choosing the shopping cart icon, where you will see the lines you’ve added so far. If you want to create a new draft, use the New Draft button. 

There are also icons on the Portal Home page to view draft requests and those pending approval.

There are four options for listing submitted requisitions:

My Requests

This list shows all requests regardless of status.


This list shows requests that you’ve submitted and that are awaiting approval.


This list shows requests that have been approved and that will result in an order.


This shows requests that have been rejected. That is, they failed the approval process.


For each request, the following details are shown:

Request #

This is the number assigned when you created the requisition.


This shows the date and time for the requisition. You can choose to change the sort order of the list by selecting the Date heading, which swaps between descending and ascending order of date and time.


This is the user name of the person who raised the requisition.


This tells you how many lines there are in the requisition.


This is the total value for the requisition.


If you are listing all requisitions using the My Requests option, the status of each one is shown in this column. If you are listing by status, then all requests in the list will have the same status.


For draft requisitions, choose Open to view the draft. You can also change the content of the requisition, adding or amending lines or other details if you want. For pending or approved requisitions, choose View to see the details of the requisition. You cannot change requisitions that are pending approval or already approved. You can also view the details of a request by clicking on the Request # field.

Once you’re happy that the requisition is complete and accurate, you submit it and its status changes to pending approval.

The process of approving a requisition will depend on how catalog360 has been configured to suit your organisation’s approval process. There might be one or many individuals involved in the approval chain; perhaps checking for different criteria, such as the type of item, total values or amounts, contractual requirements, and so on.

When a requisition is fully approved, it progresses to a purchase order sent to the appropriate supplier or suppliers.

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