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Finding favourite (starred) items to add to your requisition

The list of matching items that appears when you type in the Search box or a requisition line’s Description box might include favourite items towards the top of the list. However, other criteria, such as ‘on contract’ items could take precedence.

If you want to see a list of items you’ve tagged as favourites recently, click the Starred button on the draft requisition page. An item is treated as a favourite if you’ve selected the star icon next to the item description on the item details page.
In search lists, favourites are shown with a star to the left of the name.

A list of favourites will be shown in order of relevance, with ‘on contract’, ‘preferred’ recently bought items tending towards the top of the list. You can scroll through this list, using the Next Page button if necessary, to find what you want to add to the current draft requisition.

If you want to go back to the draft requisition line details, select the Back button.

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