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Viewing the details of your draft request

At the top right of your Portal Home page, the shopping cart icon shows you how many items or detail lines you have in your draft requisition. If you click the shopping cart icon, you’ll see the item lines that you’ve created so far.

You can also view draft requests using the Draft Requests icon on the Portal Home page or choosing Requests, then Current Draft.

For the Each line includes the following details:

 Line The line number is sequential and added automatically for each line in the requisition.
 Description   The item description is shown here. It includes indicators for favourites (starred items), on contract and preferred items. If you select the description, you can view more details about the item.
 Quantity   This is the quantity of the unit of measure. For example, if it’s a single item, a quantity of 3 means 3 items, but if the unit of measure is Box (200), then it means 3 boxes of 200. 
 Unit   This is the unit of measure.
 Price Each   This is the price of the item for its unit of measure. Note that prices are set according to your contracts. You cannot change the price.
 Total   The total is calculated as the price multiplied by the quantity.

While your requisition is in ‘draft’ status, you can add more lines, change the quantity of existing lines or delete existing lines. To delete a line, select the delete icon on the right of the line.

Beneath the lines, the requisition totals are shown as follows:

Goods Total  The goods total is the sum of all the line totals, excluding VAT or sales tax.  
 VAT   If VAT or other sales tax applies, this is the total tax calculated for you.
 Total   The total value of the requisition is calculated for you. The total for a requisition might have an impact on the approval process. For example, your system might be configured to trigger the need for a particular approval level according to the requisition value.

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