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Viewing rejected requests

To view your rejected requests

  1. From the Portal Home page, choose Requests. You'll see various options for viewing requests according to status. 
  2. Choose Rejected Requests.

For each request, the following details are shown:

Request #

This is the number assigned when you created the requisition.


This shows the date and time for the requisition. You can choose to change the sort order of the list by selecting the Date heading, which swaps between descending and ascending order of date and time.


This is the user name of the person who raised the requisition.


This tells you how many lines there are in the requisition.


This is the total value for the requisition.


The status of each request is shown in this column, which for this list will show 'Rejected'.


You can view the details of the rejected request using the View option. You can also do this clicking on the Request # field.

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