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Adding an article type

To add an article type

  1. On the Admin menu, click Site Content, then click Articles. The Articles form appears.
  2. On the menu bar for the Articles form, click Add Article Type. The Add Article Types form appears.
  3. Complete the boxes on the form. Fields marked with an asterisk * must be filled in.


 Name Type a name for the article, such as 'Latest News'. 
Description Type a description for the article type. The editor provides tools to help you format the description.  You can use normal rich text or HTML. Use the Preview option to se what the description will look like when it's published online.
Summary Type a succinct summary of the article content.
Text Only Type a text only version of the content for use with text-only displays; that is, ones that cannot show formatting and font attributes (known as 'rich content').
Keywords Type any keywords you think will help when someone find this article when they search the site. Use commas to separate words or phrases.
Display this type an all its articles on site If you clear this option, the article details will be retained, but no visible on the site. Set the option to make the article type and its related articles available for visitors to the site.
Date/Time for article type to appear You can set a date and time when this article type and related articles will appear on your site. If no date and time is entered, it will be available as soon as it's created.
Date/Time for article to disappear You can set a date and time when this article type and related articles will disappear from the site, If no date and time is entered, the article type and articles will remain on the site until you change the display options or delete the record.
Parent article type You can choose an existing article type as a 'parent' to this one, for example, if you are building a hierarchy of article types.
Language Choose the language that applies to the article type.
Position Choose the position this article will have in the order of display on site compared to other articles. Position 1 takes higher priority than 2, and so on.
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