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New features in catalog360 Release 1.6.12

Scheduled release date: April 29st 2016 18:00


Catalog360 Portal


Enhancement to Asset Gang Move.

Fixes to Exchange Task dates.

Fixes to Asset Exchange Feature.

Fixes to Asset Gang Move Feature.

Purchase Order

Showing attachments for lines in purchase order.


New Recall a Request feature.

Fix provided to not display cancelled requests in Pending tab.

Internal Notes and Attachments for lines in a request.


Enhancement provided to be able to click on reference and name.

Tools > Data Loader

Improvements to the Data Loader including bug fixes and minor enhancements.


General bug fixes.


Catalog360 Circle


New Feature to create Supplier Free Form Invoice.

Quote Request

New feature to attach and remove documents for quote lines.


Enhancement to Purchase Order download feature.

Order Confirmation

Fix to predate the delivery date.

Shipment Raise Invoice 

Enhancement to be able to predate the Invoice Date.


Making attachments optional in task popups.


New Reset Password Feature in Sign In Page.

General bug fixes.

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