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New features in catalog360 Release 1.6.12b

Scheduled release date: May 9th 2016 21:00 UTC


catalog360 Admin

Product Details

Improvement to management of Non-Catalog Items.

Buying Accounts

Implement address linking module.


Upgrade User Group page to permit entry of group description and selection of parent group.


catalog360 Circle


Various refinements to the "New Invoice" page.


Various refinements to the "My Profile" page.

Upgrade Profile Address Post Code matching to the latest version of PCA Predict (Postcode Anywhere).


catalog360 Portal


Refinements to Request approval pages when handling Requests that have been recalled.


Change "Responded" to appear in blue not red.

Where an Asset is exchanged display the label "Exchanged" and not "Completed".

Various refinements to Asset list pages when displaying Assets that have been exchanged.

Various refinements to Asset detail pages when displaying Team/Gang Move details.

Data Loading

Refinements to Item data loading for files containing more than 20,000 rows.

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