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Configuring Your Portal's Custom Logos

1. In the Portal choose the "Settings" menu under the top-right profile menu, then choose "Media Manager" and "Manage Image Assets"

2. Click on the "custom" folder in the folder tree

3. Click on the "images" subfolder in the folder tree

4. In this folder you will find the "logo.png" and "logo-small.png" files - click to download them and customise them on your computer

Two logo image files:
"logo.png" This is the logo shown on the Sign in page. Ensure it is a PNG with dimensions 300 x 164 pixels
"logo-small.png" This is the smaller logo PNG file shown on all other portal pages above the menu - it can have a maximum width of 190 pixels and maximum height of 48 pixels.

If you wish to amend the default sizes - you will also need to refer to Configuring Your Portal's Custom Style Sheet to adjust the custom.css and make amendments to match your image size.

Take a backup of any files so you can re-upload them if you need to restore a previous version.

The logo files must be valid PNG files and the filenames must be lowercase - a file named Logo.PNG will not work!

5. Then click Choose Files to upload the files named "logo.png" or "logo-small.png" again to overwrite the existing one.

Note - changes to the revised logos can take up to a day to appear on your Portal as the CDN caching of the file must expire before it is refreshed.

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