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Setup SSH Keys for SFTP Access to the catalog360 FTP Server

Setting Up Public SSH Keys to automatically connect to the catalog360 FTP Server

Manual Key Creation

  1. Open a terminal and use OpenSSH to generate a public/private key pair. You should not enter a password when prompted (e.g. just press return):
    ssh-keygen -t rsa -f mykey
  2. Convert the public key to RFC-4716 format, which is the only format our SFTP server accepts for public keys:
    ssh-keygen  -e  -f  >

    NOTE: Prior to OpenSSH v5.4, there was a bug which allows for comments longer than 72 characters, which is in violation of the RFC-4716 SPEC. Our FTP server will reject such keys as invalid. If you're using a version of OpenSSH prior to v5.4, you should open the key file and delete any comment longer than 72 characters.

  3. Change the name of the public key to read authorized_keys.
    mv  authorized_keys
  4. Using an SFTP client with a username and password, upload the RFC-4716 format key to the catalog360 FTP Server using the credentials provided. It must be placed inside of a folder named .sftp in the root folder of the account or sub-account like this:


  5. Import the private key into your SFTP software on your local machine. There are many ways to do this, depending on the software. For example, if you use sftp you would enter:
    sftp -oIdentityFile=mykey

You should now be able to connect without a password.

Can I Use Multiple SSH Keys With SFTP?

Yes. Simply append each additional public key into the authorized_keys file on the catalog360 FTP Server as described above.


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