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Preparing product images

Here’s a few tips on getting your images ready. Be assured that your time spent on getting good images at the right size with clean file names will be greatly rewarded!

- A pixelated image is not worth it – in most cases it’s better to have no image than show a poor quality one
- Product image files should be a maximum of 800 pixels and not less than 300px wide (height not important as it will auto-resize)
- PNG format strongly recommended – no .jpg .jpeg .gif etc. which sometimes will fail to resize or render
- Transparent edges. Optional. Sometimes the image will be displayed on a non-white b/g so transparent edges could be important. 
- Important: Clean file names - i.e. no spaces or special chars.
1. Use only alphanumeric characters to name the files - so avoid special signs such as &!"£$%^&*()_+~{}<>,/?|\
2. Absolutely no spaces in the file names - replace them with hyphens or _ underscores - use alphanumeric characters only
3. Use only lowercase characters in file names – the server is case-sensitive


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