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New features in catalog360 Release 1.6.24

Scheduled release date: October 3rd 2016 21:00 local time


catalog360 Admin

Document Rules

Introduction of new Document Rule types to support User Approval Limits.

Approval Limits

Define up to ten User Approval Limits for Requests and Purchase Invoices. Each limit is mapped to an Approval Chain.


catalog360 Circle


Resolve defect where Quote Request page showing invalid character for currency symbol.


Resolve defect where Arrived status in Orders page should be shown in Blue.

Resolve defect where Confirmed Date could be displayed as “Invalid date” on Order details page.


catalog360 Portal

Sign In Page

The Sign In page now reports more specific errors to let the user which field (User Name or Password) is incorrect after a failed Sign In. Likewise Forgotten Password reports if the User Name was not found.

The Sign In page is now linked to the catalog360 Status page and will show platform status notices in the event of a platform incident.

Profile Menu

Set as Away or Set as Active status. The Away status is highlighted next to an Approver when Approval Chains are displayed to the user.

Draft Request Page

Implement Custom "Additional Details" form


Resolve defect where Line column could show invalid characters in the Request detail page.

Resolve defect where Request has no Shipping Address in Portal.

Resolve defect where Request did not go to "Released" and was missing Activity.


Provide for suppliers a new “Link” page for the viewing and confirmation of Purchase Orders. The Link page can be used for Purchase Order confirmation by suppliers that not registered via the Catalog360 Circle and who only receive Purchase Orders via email.

Where an order is in a Confirmed state and the Supplier has made changes, the Edit PO page shows an Accept Requested Changes button to pull in the revised values for editing.


Resolve defect for 'Uncaught Type Error' in Assets page when using calendar filter.

Resolve defect where Asset detail page is not showing correct dates.

Replace Asset action buttons with "View" button.


Asset Edit Task - Display "Notify Supplier" when task is viewed on Tasks page.

Hire Extension Task - Uncaught error when clicked on 'Edit' from Task Activities.

Unable to view completed tasks for 'Edit Asset'.

Error when tried to edit a task for Hire Extension.


Payment Due Date' blank in free form invoice page.

VAT rate on free form invoices only showing UK rates.


Report Job History filter by only those reports available to the user.

The Reports page now features a new cog menu to give access to download reports directly from the Report list.

Settings > Import Data

Item Data Loader - Resolve defect where importing of Items with Item Code with leading zeros would cause data trimming.

Item Data Loader – Resolve defect where mandatory Match-on attributes were still being validated even when not Included in the import.

Import Mapping - show alert if the user maps more than one column to the same data dictionary attribute.

Import Mapping - Forcing ‘Match On’ on all columns where matchon is mandatory.

Resolve Import Jobs grid pagination error showing "undefined".

Amend deletion processing to only require the delete_flag and the match-on columns.

Settings > Scheduled Imports

Provides the ability to automatically run an import based on a schedule where files arrive on an external FTP site.


catalog360 Integration


Addition of events for:

  • Purchase Order Created
  • Purchase Order Updated

Resend payload feature on the Webhook Logs

Improvements to the Test Webhook feature to support POST. See for details.

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